Lutron has been an industry leader in the lighting world since its inception. Founded by inventor Joel Spira, Lutron is a company that specializes in all aspects of modern home and commercial illumination control: from switches to dimmers to motion sensors. Whether you're looking for residential or commercial products, Best Buy Electric will have something perfect for your needs! We offer wall plates and outlets as well as some state-of-the-art wireless systems that allow synchronization with other lights around the house so everything looks great no matter what time it is outside.

LUTRON was founded when chemist Joel Spira invented one of the first household light dimmer models back in 1957; today they are still considered among leaders within their field.

Lutron's dimmers, light switches, wall plates and outlets are available in various colors. This allows for easy coordination between the systems and your home decor; Lutron products also sync up with "modern eco-conscious technology" such as LED controls or occupancy sensors to help save energy - making them perfect for any homeowner who cares about sustainability!

Lutron has been producing quality products for over 50 years and continues to innovate with the latest technology. Their Maestro and Diva collections have created new design options by combining elegance, style, fashion-forward colors, dimming capabilities of up to 300 watts per switch or 600 volts per circuit in a single gangbox without any wiring restrictions between switches!

Lutron is an American company that was founded back in 1961. In addition to electrical wall plates which come standard and specialty styles including LUTRON® DIVA™ decorative lighting controls; this brand also produces many other types of light control devices such as LED drivers/receivers & transformers which are designed specifically for LEDs used indoors or outdoors on low voltage circuits.

Lutron's many products and components offer the ability to create a fully customized home. Best Buy Electric can provide all of these items, as well as any necessary accessories for Lutron light products. These systems allow you to customize your day-to-day activities around waking up in the morning or cooking meals - just by adjusting some settings on your phone!

Lutron is the leading manufacturer of dimming switches, wall plates, electrical outlets and much more. Best Buy Electric is proud to be an authorized retailer for Lutron products. We want you to place your order with us today so we can answer any questions about our product line that you might have!

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