Envision LED-CBT-2X4-35W-35K-HL 2x4 LED Center Basket Troffer

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This 2 x 4 LED Center Basket Troffer Series are different from standard troffer in the market. Bright modern design 35 watt at 130 Lm per watt. Available in 3500, 4000, and 5000K. The PC housing makes it unique because it is light, doesn't get damaged or get dings in transit or at the job site, and provides a much cleaner and uniformed light distribution when lit. In addition, the troffer features a u-shaped heat sync inside in order to spread the beam distribution and give the fixture back light. Many manufactures use a metal housing that quite too often gets damaged. In addition, many manufactures use a flat bed as the heat sync in order to reduce costs and it only provides forward throw light eliminating the wide beam distribution a center basket troffer should emit. Retrofit existing fluorescent troffers used in drop ceilings, enjoy minimal power consumption, long lifespan, and bright illumination.

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