Privacy Policy

Best Buy Electric uses the latest security software to ensure the security your personal information. Information will never be sold or given to other parties; customers will only receive emails pertaining to their orders or account information unless they have selected to receive promotional emails. Cookies are only used to save the customer’s shopping cart information and to help improve the shopping experience. Phone calls are only made when there is an issue pertaining to an order; phone numbers will never be used for marketing purposes. Customer credit card information is never saved in our system to ensure security.

Safety & Security

Data encryption online is important when you are dealing with transmitting data over a network/Internet to protect it from hackers and unauthorized people. We stress the importance in data security and better peace of mind when placing an order online by providing you with the top three providers of electronic payment and risk management solutions.

You know you are using "online encryption" when you see that the "http" in URL changes to "https." Most of the time, you can also see a lock symbol against the URL or in the browser frame. Best buy electric's online transaction security measures, help build confidence with our online customers and also complies with security policies to inspire trust when placing an order through our secure website.

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